Build quality websites - digital assets that earn you passive income


We operate via B2B (Business to Business) model


We help users get access to quality content, which, in turn, helps businesses generate revenue and our clients - passive income by advertisement

How we work

We develop websites that convey essential information to satisfy readers’ needs/intent, and at the same time creates a stable revenue for our clients.

Step 1

Web Significant creates an informational web site

Step 2

Internet users get valuable content

Step 3

Companies increase sales with efficient advertising at Google Adsense and Amazon

Step 4

Owners of digital assets get a passive income

Why choose us?


After 22 years in the IT business and 7 years in web business, we have a proven successful website development methodology and a fully developed production cycle.

Short cycle

Our experts and developers create a strong technical base, copywriters make powerful content, SEO experts optimize a site, and digital marketers place eye-catching ads.