About us

Digital assets studio Web Significant

Web Significant develops websites for clients with an aim of opening up avenues of passive revenue generation. We help grow and sell assets. We also help clients and digital entrepreneurs to acquire and develop websites and take them to new heights.


However, we strategically review various parameters before acquiring or building an asset. We believe it is very important to interpret trends and understand the market needs while choosing an attractive niche.  

Talking about the monetization, our sites are monetized primarily from Google and Amazon. We put exhaustive efforts to grow traffic organically by using our ingenious approach and robust tools, paying specific attention to ensuring high-quality, unique and authoritative content. We also make sure; we abide by all the latest Google’s guidelines for content.


As a consultant, Web Significant helps to establish a viable and sustainable income source for those who want to have a stable revenue in this ever-changing economy.

Our team

The Digital Assets Studio, ‘Web Significant’ was created by Yaroslav Parkhisenko and Valentina Kadenko, names to reckon within the fields of international IT business and marketing respectively. 

Valentina Kadenko

After pursuing a promising role as a marketing professional for large international banks, Valentina decided to veer into a more flexible and independent entrepreneurial style of work. In 2012, she established an Internet marketing studio – the ‘Studio Beze’. This project definitely opened the door for her future digital assets business – informational websites. 

Moreover, she acquired, developed, and sold many websites in the Russian-speaking segment. In 2020 she co-founded the ‘Web Significant’ studio and became the company manager. She also loves to blog and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.


Yaroslav Parkhisenko

An IT manager by profession, Yaroslav had a dazzling career as a former CEO of Nokia HERE in Ukraine. He established the IoT startups Ecodata and Recoshelf, and is known to build his first website in plain HTML in 1999, just two years after the domain google.com was officially registered. Yaroslav co-founded Web Significant and is currently serving as an investor and strategic advisor to the company.